Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your name again?

I was on the phone last night with an insurance woman from Northern California. She was asking me a hundred questions regarding an incident at work. No big deal until we got to this point....

IW: What is your maiden name?

Me: Decker

IW: Oh, *pause* so what's your married name?

Me: *smiling* Decker

IW: *very long pause while paper is being shuffled* What did you say your maiden name is again?

Me: Decker

IW: Well, that's strange isn't it?

Me: I don't understand your question. What's strange?

IW: That your maiden name is exactly the same as your married name. I mean, how many times does that happen? I've never come across this before, this is the first!

Me: Because you are talking to one of the 18,000 people that got married, you see my partner is a woman and she took my name.

IW: OH! Oh, of course! "nervous laugh" Yes, ok, and how long have you been working at ......

I get a kick out of the little things in married life.


Mina said...

LOL too funny. That's a good water cooler story for her!

Blazer said...

I love that you get such joy from this type of stuff.

small town dyke said...

Love it!!!!

jelly said...

That's great!

I have the same wife has my last name, so I have gone through the same scenerio.

Straight people, gotta love 'em, err...well, maybe not. ;-)

Jude said...'s just that they get so easily "confused" and I enjoy every second of it too.

Kel said...

I can only imagine her confusion on the other end.... I mean, what are the odds you'd find someone to marry with the same last name as you?!?!?

DUUURRR!!! what a dingbat!!

p.s. my word verification is: Jackin


lyon de clarasvals said...

That was such a great teachable moment. I loved hearing about it. All of us will have those opportunities soon.

tanya said...

ha! funny!

Jen said...

That's great lol

lesbo said...

i bet she was glad she was only on the phone and not face-to-face.

2momswithaplan said...

I love that you were able to educate this woman! Well done!

Now if you could just get her to join us... then you'll get a toaster!

Dragon said...

LOL nice, people need to start thinking outside of their "so called norm" :-)

CrackerLilo said...

My wife and I hyphenate our names, in the same order, so we're constantly "educating", too. Hopefully the kids coming up won't have to "educate" so much, right?

Monkey Outlaw said...

Oh I do love it when you confront them with it and they are like ...long pause then move on!