Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Special Day

Jersey Shore, 1982

Twenty eight years ago
we were kids,
hell, I even had brown hair
and we had each other
for the first time in
our lives.

Twenty eight Valentines ago
we had the hottest passion,
ear splitting fights,
and we thought we would
give our relationship
a try.

What we didn't have back then is
the mature passion we feel now,
nor the love we have for each
others company and knowing
the others steps so well.

Sweet Heart, my love for
you today is so different
from yesterdays love
and I continue to be amazed
on how my love grows
each passing year.

You are the
one for

I am thrilled

To be the
one for

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Anniversary



vixen kitten said...

Y'all have been in love since 1972?

I have no words, except I am more than ever in awe of you.

Hands down the best post I have ever read.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary both of you.


PS Look at you two looking all kinds of cute on that beach! *squee* Seriously ca-ute!

small town dyke said...

You and R inspire me. To know that that kind of love is possible and does happen makes me warm and fuzzy. happy anniversary to two amazing women.

Carrie and MJ said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day - Great post!!

Propane Amy said...

Happy Anniversary Big Papa and Mama!! You guys are great and can't wait to see you both again.... hopefully sooner than later!!

lyon de clarasvals said...

This is the coolest thing ever.
Thank you for sharing your life, and to let the world see the love you have for your wife. May you both have a hundred more Valentines days together.

tanya said...


jelly said...

I can't tell you how sweet that was and the rockin' Jersey shore pic is the best.

Happy V-day to you and your wife!

Jude said...

haha...Vixen, I stand corrected! My bad on the year, it should have read 1982. Talk about time flying when you're having fun....LOL

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Very sweet (you big softee).

Happy Anniversary to you and the wife. May you have an incredibly happy 28 more years together.

Hugs to you, Mel

CrackerLilo said...

That is absolutely wonderful. Happy anniversary, happy Valentine's Night, and congratulations!

Nicholas said...

awwwww that brought tears to me eyes. happy v-day and anniversary! that is sooooo special. yep, a true love will mature over the years just as a lovely wine ages...


notjustafemme said...

that picture is ridiculously cute and the message? yeah... i got teary eyed.

truly inspirational, you two!

squeeze R for me!


2momswithaplan said...

Aw so so sweet! I'm loving that picture!

Happy Anniversary to you both! I love hearing about relationships like this... this is where I hope Holly and I will be in 22 years!

greg said...

This is the sweetest Valentine's Day post ever!! Happy Anniversary to you both and many, many more.

Camlin said...

So very sweet! Happy Anniversary!

reeflightning said...

happy anniversary to jude and the missus!
beautiful valentine message and what a cute pic.

Dragon said...

Wow, so sweet, so inspiring! That rocks!!!!!Happy Valentines Day and Anniversary to you both!!!

Stacy said...

So sappy and romantic (and I hate sappy and romantic) and altogether wonderful. Congratulations to you both for finding and loving each other!

I'll be back to read more!

Blazer said...

Wow,congratulations you two. So happy that you found each other and continue to enjoy and love each other. Good luck on another several decades!

canihelpyousir said...

Jude, buddy ... this is one great post. Most of the other VD Day posts made me ill to read, but this just made me smile like crazy. Happy anniversary to you and R!

Jen said...

Awww this was great!!! Happy anniversary kids :) I love knowing you both!

P.S. - I was born in 1982!!! Hehe.

Mina said...

So, so sweet!

shane rocket said...

G and I hope to be you in 20something more years. We love you and seriously need to meet. I see a beach in our future soon. Hugs to both. And I will forgive you for being a sap.

Kelly said...

Congradulations! Your blog has been nominated for a 2009 Lezzy Award in the Life Time Achievement category.

For more information on this years awards visit:

Jude said...

Mrs Jude and I thank you all for your wonderful words.

Then to top it off with the message from Kelly on the nomination, it's all been unbelievable!

Thank you everyone for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts. You all rock my world!

tommy said...

freakin' awesome... congrats

Newbo said...

That's amazing, seeing you two happy together still after 28 years is such an inspiration.

Congrats and happy Valentine's day :)

The Imperfect Christian said...

Wow. You've been together FIVE years before I was born! Amazing! Very, very admirable!!

CJ said...

Wow. You've been together FIVE years before I was born! Amazing! Very, very admirable!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

You two are so very, very lucky!!!

aj said...

OMYGOD You are the hope for all of us...

KLo said...

This is beautiful : ) What a great testament to what is surely a wonderful love story!

CJ said...

That's awesome. Happy Anniversary and many, many more. You two are truly an inspiration.

LilliGirl said...

You guys rock! I am so happy for you!

Linda said...

Jersey Shore Girls Rock.