Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Lost in Lost

We never really got into the tv show, Lost. I think we watched maybe 3 or 4 episodes when it first came out and then got into the habit of forgetting when it was on.

Five months ago I signed up for Netfix. We get our normal once a week movie (we could get more but that's what it's been averaging against Dancing with the Nuts and America I.can't.sing.4.shit and my must watch show Mod-family).

The "watch instantly" shows and movies are very convenient for me since I can watch them right on my Mac and I've tried to get into the habit of watching a tv show at lunch instead of working through that time.

I started watching Lost and I'm hooked.

I was ok with all the flashbacks. I think after a few episodes my brain was actually expecting the lets go back when things were normal time. I've just begun watching season four and it's fucking with my brain.

The flashbacks have departed (I think) and have been replaced by flash forwards. My brain hasn't gotten use to this yet and is constantly trying to figure out the time and place of whatever scene is playing. And who the fuck are the good guys now? (don't tell me)

Season 4? and they're just finishing up this year with the whole series in season 7? Well, at least I'm almost half way through. Maybe.


shane rocket said...

i am up to date on the middle of season four or five and was gonna try and catch up to watch this last season but have decided to just wait till its all over and go from where i have ended. and YESSS it is thoroughly ADDiCTiNG!!!

i made the mistake of watching the first two seasons on tv. then would get pissed when i couldn't watch more, more, more so i started waiting till i had episodes built up.... lmao. it's just like crack. i may rent the entire set of seasons one weekend after this is over and sit in my jammies for a week. welcome to lost.... :)

Jude said...

Rocket...Thank you! It's good to see I'm not alone on this island of weirdness.

notjustafemme said...

meh. Lost never did it for me.
but if you write a post about Modern Family, I'll definitely chime in ;)

Dragon said...

I so agree. It was crazy confusing and they would finally answer a question but leave more questions. A big WTF!! I finished all the seasons and now trying to watch this last season. Problem is the damn website doesn't have the first 2 episodes of this season. No way I am going to start on episode 3. So looks like I am waiting till the dvd comes out or they fix the damn site.

jelly said...

Okay, I myself am a total Lost geek.

I'm up on all the episodes and have watched it since the beginning.

I won't say much here about it...but I'm hooked and I love the show. I will be sad to see it end BUT the writers BETTER give us some answers, like they promised, because I am slowly running out of patience.

I'm tired of being "lost". :-)

Plans... What Plans!?! said...

Never got into this show... Sounds like a good thing!! :-)

Never-the-less... Enjoy!!!

C said...

i would have to watch it from the start... cuz i never watched it when it was running and it would fuck up my brain too, to start in the middle...


StarGazer said...

My girlfriend is all about this show. I have never seen one episode! She has the first 4 seasons on Dvd but is now saying that she doesn't want me to start watching it until she sees how the entire show ends in this last season. She knows I'm picky about tv shows and she is getting worked up because apparently the last season is making everyone say 'wtf?' so she's insisting that if it ends how she thinks it will end then I might as well not watch it because i will hate it lol. I still have no idea what she's talking about... but good luck to you in getting caught up! :-)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Sorry, I'm outta this one. I can't lose anymore of my life to another addiction.

Keep watching since trying to figure it out will keep your old brain active. ;) I know you would definitely cuff me for that one if you could, na-na-na-na-na! said...

J! I love LOST. I have watched since day one, and there's nothing else like it on TV.

I watched faithfully until the season finale of last season, when my DVR decided to lose its mind and stop recording.

BUT. I just joined Netflix as well, so I caught up on last season and am now watching in real time. Love it, bro.