Monday, March 22, 2010

Recall or Out

I've lost something
and I don't know how to find it
or bring it back into myself
and it's driving me fucking crazy.

Hello Motivation, where the fuck are you?

Were you attached to my ovaries
or something else in that general area
that got removed a few months ago?
Why the hell were you hanging out there if you were?

Without you I don't feel like doing s.h.i.t.

Without you I've lost what little I had of my creative spirit.

Would you please, pretty please come back and get inside of me again!
I need you.
I feel empowered when you're a part of me.
Right now I feel like a giant mass of rolling snot.

So get the hell back where you belong,
inside of my heart and brain
so I can start taking photographs again and
do all those other little things that releases my creative juices
and makes me feel good all over.
I really don't want to recall my ovaries
so I'm hoping Moto,
you're just hanging around the corner,
behind a door or two.

Maybe I should I try to get
my hands some

Anybody got any to send?


Haizey said...

When I find any here I'll be sure to ship you some over

Real Live Lesbian said...

If I find mine, you're on speed dial!

whichwaydidshego said...

Mine is acting like a hamster - I keep putting it inside, and it keeps escaping and scurrying away to hide in the tiny dark places I don't know about.

GREAT post, though!

tanya said...

ooo i got some! really. i hear they work wonders. address?

Blazer said...

I too go through periods of feeling like "a giant mass of rolling snot". Not fun, good luck on getting your mojo back.

Jessi said...

i know how you feel. i get into funks. it's hard to get back out! hang in there :)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Your moto is out living it up without you, huh?

By the way, how did you read what was in my head? I still have my ovaries and my moto is still gone.

C said...

awwww jude! i know it sucks but may i suggest having your hormone therapy adjusted, if you are on any- and if you are not, there are herbal compounds a doc can order from the pharmacy that dont have any side effects that cause cancer etc that hormones can...

also, check yourself for depression. it's SO way normal after havin a baby OR a hyster.... trust me....

i think all of that is affecting your mojo and your moto.... and prolly your vagay-jo, too! bwahahahahaha

gotta love me...

seriously tho, get those 2 things checked, k?

lemme know...

hugs to you and R....

c and d

i guess i love intials haha

do you like indian food?

shane rocket said...

1 photo of your favorite color
2 photos of your favorite shape
1 photo of your favorite food
3 photos of your nearest beach
1 photo of something you dread
1 photo of something you love

close up, strange angle....

do it now shitface

SquirtyB said...

It's that flat climate you live in. We had freezing temps one week and then a weekend of 75+ degree weather. The change in the weather pumps new life into everyone and everything!

Maybe take a trip to the north pole and back???

Dragon said...

Im sure you will find it, ruts suck!

jelly said...

I'd love to ship you some motivation all the way from good ole NJ! :-)

greg said...

Loving Shane Rocket's comment!

What's odd is that even though you have no motivation you managed to write a really great post - I like the way this was done.

Fingers are crossed for you that this will pass, having no motivation can get really depressing and you need to avoid that. xo

AWJ said...

I get this way righhhhht before Spring. I have seasonal affective disorder though.. I literally NEED sun to be happy and motivated.

Hope it comes back soon! I hate funks... :/

lescook said...

Same problem, but I had a good mate who dragged me out of the house and took me to lunch. She ever so gently manipulated me into exercising by first suggesting aromatherapy, scented candles, followed by dolphin and ocean music...WTF! I don't know why this freaked me out but it drove me to buy a weights bench which I now seem to be addicted to. I got my groove back and I look great :)

small town dyke said...

I'm with ya, my camera hasn't seen the light of day in close to a month.I think it's the weather here. hope you find your mojo soon, I love your work!!!

southernfemme said...

Oh my gosh! I was attempting to tell my best friend (who's 13 years younger than I am) about the Lucy show and the vitameatavegamin episode. I still crack up everytime I think about it.

Jude, go watch it! That will certainly bring a smile to your sweet mug. said...

I love this post. My motivation is gone too (I don't think they were attached to your ovaries, but at this point who knows?).

I want to brainstorm more with you about some photo projects. Make that Thing #3 we will discuss over beers.