Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Repeat What You Didn't Say

Sometimes (most of the times) Mrs Jude's conversations are a mental puzzle. She'll start out talking about one thing, stop, re-route to something else and not finish the original unless asked. In my head I'm trying to figure out what the fuck she was starting to say and in her head she's already onto the next subject matter. When I pop the question to backtrack she looks at me like I have two heads. It becomes really interesting when she ends the fractional statements with a question to me. Here's an example:

Wife: "You know S and G are going to want (short pause in speaking then picks up at) and if that happens what are we going to do with Ziggy?" Now she's looking at me and is expecting an answer to her question.

Me: You see, over the years I've come up with three ways of replying to her:

1. The I want to stay married to her forever answer: "Baby, you have to give me a little more information than that so I can answer your question."

2. The evasive no answer reply: "We have a few options but then again I'm not totally sure."

3. Or the I won't be getting nookie any time soon if I go this route: "Would you please just once complete a full sentence! What the hell, I am not a mind reader and I can't fill in your blanks."

I'm a very smart person so I normally use 1 and 2 depending on my mood. I had one asinine moment when I went the direction of 3. That's how I learned what the consequences are if I choose to answer that way.

I totally (short pause) my Wife. ;)


vixen kitten said...

Mrs. Jude, may I speak on your behalf? See, I do the same thang!

What y'all have to understand about some of us, is our minds go one hundred miles an hour. We are so bright, and so brilliant that we can keep all the balls in the air in our heads....but sometimes our brains are moving faster than our mouth, and the rest of you lag behind. *smirk* Should WE be punished for that? Mmmmm....I didn't think so!

So, I'd say just keep sticking with answers 1 & 2, and count your lucky stars you have someone not only beautiful, but brilliant, who loves YOU!


dolphyngyrl said...

omg My wife is the exact same way, only her thing is "you know?"

For example: "S and G are going to totally want (short pause)(if you're lucky) you know?"

And she'll get good and going like that when her mind is spinning really good, so you have to slow her down. Usually I accomplish this by yelling at her that I do not "you know" and that I'm not going to "you know" until she finishes a damn sentence.

Nookie? What's nookie?


Mel's Way or No Way said...

My conversations are described as spiraling. I start out on one reminds me of something else I can't forget to tell her...then I come back to the first topic...then spin off onto something else. She's just learned to ride the wave and occassionally she has to ask me to finish the first thing I started. She considers it endearing-at least that's what she says when she wants nookie! :)

2momswithaplan said...

Sometimes it's hard to find....

You know....


I can sympathize with Mrs. Jude and I'm sure my wife can sympathize with you. :)

greg said...

I think you are very wise to stick with #1 & #2 - very wise indeed. When all else fails, simply smile and nod.

Blazer said...

R sounds like my GF. The problem is that after that first sharp turn in the conversation, I am so focused on trying to remember to ask her to complete the thought, that all that follows becomes, blah, blah, blah. That will get me in trouble often. Sometimes I just have to tell her that I haven't heard a thing after [insert sharp turn here] and accept the consequences.

Dragon said...

LOL I know how that is. Heehee, patience is a virtue.......and the only way to get the best nookie ;-) said...


C said...

this made my face do a totally large terms of endearment smile! i can just picture you 2... sooooooooo cute. maybe sometimes frustrating but oh, soooooooooooo cute!

diane says i blurt stuff out of the blue and she'll ask where did that come from...? i dunno, i reply, my mouth?

makes her english eyes smile!

gotta keep things cool to continue reapin those nookie benefits!

also, isnt it great to be with someone you know that well?

laugh @ vixen kitten....


LilliGirl said...

Phrase we had to do away with was "the thing." Can you get me the thing? Where is the thing? What thing? that thing? I don't believe I knwo what the thing is...Actually it was the eldest driving me crazy with it. said...

J, your wisdom is helping people all over the world. And yes, I've learned the value of smiling and nodding.