Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Weekend Boom!

You have to wonder where the time goes. Yes, at times it flies by at the supersonic speed. Did you hear that boom?

Weekends have become nothing but a blink of the eye. Taking out one hour of my precious weekend sucks a big one too. I don't care that I get that hour back later, I'm talking about now time.

Hey, I was down 60 fucking bucks at the casino during one of my weekend blinks. Mrs Jude and I had gone up there for our so called "free" breakfast. It's the only fucking coupon that Mrs Jude religiously uses every month. Do you think I could get her to use the grocery item coupons, hell NO! Casino coupon? She's there in a flash. At least they serve a decent breakfast from eggs Benedict, steak and eggs or just plain old eggs and the crispiest bacon in the world. So the breakfast was good, coffee even better but the problem was, it was costing me 60 fucking bucks and I wasn't a happy camper.

I went back to a machine that I had a short winning streak earlier. It sucked in my 20 bill, I got it up to 57 bucks and I cashed it out. I put in another 20, got it up to 45 bucks and cashed it out again. The last 20 I played with, the machine ate it like I ate my crispy bacon so I found Mrs Jude and we left. At least I was able to turn it all around into a free breakfast. Take that you big bad casino.

We took the pups to the doggy park right up the road from us. Harley usually sticks close to me. She might find a ball to play with, I'll toss it for her, she brings it back. She thinks I need the play time, she's probably right. The other one, Ziggy, you know the little red mini pin guy who still thinks he's got his brass kahoonies attached to him, he runs his little stubby tail off. And that's a good thing. He tear asses all over the field and stops to sniff the butts. He was playing then fighting with a pit bull puppy. My stupid little dog is acting like a big dog to a dog who's head is half the size of Ziggy. We left the park.

A book store visit and a movie, Shitter Island (the book is sooo much better) and that was the weekend blink.

Now back at work and it's only Tuesday? Fuck it, let me hear that boom to Friday!


CrackerLilo said...

You should've been in the Northeast, then. Our weekend was a long, slow slog in the rain! I'd rather have the crispy bacon, and I haven't eaten pork since I was 8.

Sounds like you have good weekends!

notjustafemme said...

ha! you showed that casino who's boss!

R is a smart lady - coupons are overrated. who has time for that shit?

you are so right about weekends booming by. can you put in a word and slow down the time, just a little? please?

Haizey said...

It is true Jude, my weekends are on fast forward too.

And can I just say, expensive free breakfasts you have over there ;)

vixen kitten said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Well, I mean except for the fact that I wasn't there!

Just sayin.... :)

Love to you and Mrs.


Mel's Way or No Way said...

Weekend...what weekend?! I left work, blinked and was back before I knew it.

Now, I'm so hungry for breakfast and crispy bacon I need to go rummage in the fridge. Not a good thing this late at night.

small town dyke said...

Glad the weekend was faun, but I told you the movie SUCKED!

greg said...

Oh wow - I just now wrote a post and wrote "supersonic speed" in the first line. Funny.

Yep, I could have used some more time this weekend for sure.