Friday, April 23, 2010

Crickets on the Line

or... Absence Makes the Heart Grow Amorous
or... Why Not Insert My Foot into My Fucking Mouth

To say that Mrs Jude never cares for this time of year is an understatement. She does not like, in fact she hates it when I'm away for any length of time.

Normally, it's the buisness trip that take me away anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. The longest time we were separated was a month. The other trip is the yearly two weeker when I go to the fitness spa with my Dad.

Prior to this years spa-er I was telling Mrs Jude it would probably be the last trip. My Dad is almost 90, he is slowing down and traveling takes a lot out of him. So, Mrs Jude has been home thinking this is the last spa trip that she's going to have to endure; until I called her the other night.

After getting caught up with each other's activities of the day our conversation went in this direction:

Mrs Jude - "So how's the food this year?"
Me - "It's been pretty good. I picked the vegetarian/vegan menu and I'm getting through it most of the time."
Mrs Jude - "What's Dad eating?"
Me - "He's on the standard diet. Next year that's what" oh Fuck!
Mrs Jude - "What do you mean, next year?"
Me - "It looks like we will be coming back next year."
Mrs Jude - an extremely rare moment of silence
Me - "I didn't think he would want to come back here but he does."
Mrs Jude - more silence. people, this is a record

Oh well. She'll have a year to get use to the idea. And just so you all know, I do invite her every year too and she always graciously declines. I have to admit, I do love the warm and fuzzy feeling in knowing how much she is missing me and of course I know how much I'm missing my Honey too.

Going home will make it all right again.


greg said...

It's so important that you have this quality time with your father but I really feel for Mrs. Jude, I don't think I could handle being away from gf for so long. That's rough.

notjustafemme said...

aww. poor R.
good thing she has all those fur babies to keep her company.
two weeks is a damn long time, tho. I'd be sure to miss my person lime crazy if I were in your shoes. yikes. but I think that old line is so true. absense/distance makes the heart grow fonder...
how long should we expect to not hear from you when you get back? I imagine you'll be cashing in on a lot of SOD.

notjustafemme said...

damn it.
LIKE, not lime.

C said...

hey jude! how the hell are ya? you must be well rested by now after all that spa pampering. course, whenst you get home you'll work off all that grub with some good old fashion SOD [now that i know what it means lol]..

if your daddy is that old i think you will be blessed to get another year outta going to the spa wiff him... more mameries to have to cherish. poor R, tho... i dont understand why the lil mrs. just doesnt take a lil spa vacation herself, maybe wiff a sister or close friend... well at least its summit to think about.

welcome back, cotter...



Mel's Way or No Way said...

Have safe travels home and good luck making up to the Mrs.

Duh, don't you know you shouldn't have told her about next year until after SOD. Here, I'll loan you my crowbar to pry that foot out! ;)

jelly said...

It is hard being away from the spouse, but on the other hand, you and your dad deserve some quality time together and I think that is nice.

Have a safe trip home and hope all goes smoothly with the Mrs.

canihelpyousir said...

Poor Mrs. Jude. It's just a long time, and I'm sure she was just missing you like crazy and then hearing that she was going to have to miss you again? Probably didn't sit too well.

But I'm sure you've made up by now, right? At least until next year!

Charisse said...

I feel Mrs Jude's pain. I am separated from my lovely fiance for another 5 days. And then after that it will be 9 very long weeks apart until we can start our life together. The distance hurts sometimes more than I can bear, but it does make the reunion very nice.