Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#2 and #3 How and Kids?

Maddie, the one who changed our lives.

Continuing the series from my Now Is Your Chance posting, here are two questions that C from Midwestern Mama with a New York Heart blog asked.

2. How did you two meet?

Mrs. Jude
Oh, this question is easy.

It was Valentines Day in 1982. I was dating a guy at the time. I worked at my waitress job that night and had a huge fight with this guy during the day. After work I decided to go to this gay bar, Maddie's, for a couple of drinks. I knew because it was a gay bar, no men would bug me.

I walked into the bar, eyes straight ahead and saw Maddie, the owner. I had met her through the guy I was seeing. So I walked up to the bar and Maddie recognize me immediately. We talked for awhile and she said she would like to introduce me to someone. The someone was standing next to me at the bar all the while I had been sitting there and it turned out to be Jude.

We talked about everything and then we realized that Valentines Day was ending in about 2 minutes. She asked if she could kiss me and I said sure. The rest is history.

My version is here in the "let me count the ways" postings under A Message to my Wife stories.

3. You've mentioned kids before, got any?

Mrs Jude

Unfortunately, we have no children together but I was married to a guy before and I have a daughter.

Our daughter had our first grandson in 2008 and just recently had our granddaughter in March. We're so excited about them.

Cha-ching $$

I knew my readers would be coming through with great questions. Thanks C!


Dragon said...

That is so cool how you two met. You meet the person met for you when you least expect it. :-)

vixen kitten said...

Great questions!

Rockin pics! Look at y'all!


CrackerLilo said...

That's wonderful! I love "how we met" stories anyway, but love just how obvious it was to you and Maddie.

notjustafemme said...

jude, your response to the part about having kids made me burst out laughing.

this post also made me go back and re-read the whole "a message to my wife" series. i fricking love it. i love you both - oodles.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

*big smiles* It was meant to be.

C said...

awwww so sweetas i knew it would be! thanks for picking my nose i mean questions! hah!

yeah i thought i smelled a kiddie somewhere... and now i remember seeing the new baby picture.

you guys are so cute!



2momswithaplan said...

Wow! I LOVE it!


I think my question is next! :)

canihelpyousir.com said...

I can tell I need to go read that whole series.

I love the answers you and Mrs. Jude are giving. This is a great idea!