Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Secretos de Mayo

When we lived in the South, I learned how to barbecue. Now being on the border of Mexico, I've learned how to make the perfect margarita.

Here's what I've picked up about this wonderful cocktail over the course of 6 years.

Freshly squeezed lime juice is the key to a great margarita. Use those little duffers too, key limes.
Excellent tasting tequila is a must. Make sure the label on the tequila bottle says either 100 percent blue agave or 100 percent de agave. Go for the good stuff.

And now the how too secrets.....

Sensually roll the limes on the counter to soften up the pulp and juice of each lime.
Your actions here will speak volumes of you later.
Cut the limes in half, then hand squeeze into a glass measuring cup.

Since key limes are little tart balls you'll need to add some sweetness. Nix the mixers! Instead use Curacao a citrus flavored liqueur, or one of my favorites either Cointreau or Grand Marnier.

Mix it all in a shaker and you will have the perfect margarita.


equal parts of fresh lime juice to Curacao (ending up with 5 ozs give or take)
1 1/2 ounces of tequila
shake it and serve on the rocks with a slice of lime
use salt on the rim if you dare
clothing will easily be removable after two

Another one of my favorites:

4 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
1 1/2 oz tequila
1/2 oz Presidente Brandy
1/2 oz Cointrau
again shake and serve on the rocks with a slice of lime
two of these will lead to very.wild.SOD

So, what is your pleasure going to be on the night (or afternoon) of Cinco de Mayo, easy or wild?


notjustafemme said...

margs have been a hot topic lately in my life.
thanks for the tips! can you do the guacamole recipe next, please?
parte de tiempo!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Mix up a jug and Fed-Ex it to me stat!

Jude said...

Ladies, please....easy or wild?

And I'll share the guacamole recipe soon. I'm still working out the forking technique with that one.

notjustafemme said...

ok, ok. you're so demanding.
i'm choosing easy for cinco de mayo and wild for a later date in time. perhaps in like three weeks. you had me at "very.wild.SOD"

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I need to start out easy and slowly move into the wild. I'm a light-weight and it won't take much. I might need more than a helmet for the wild version. ;)

C said...
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C said...

well wrap me in bubble wrap, specially the left arm, gimme a helmet with goggles and throw fuck to the wind- i'm SO ready for the WILD. i need WILD RIGHT now...

and erm, hmmm, clears throat- i'll take 5 of those lil drinkie poohs, please- i dont wanna feel nuttin, honey!


if i start to sweat profusely in the bubble wrap, just throw me in the pool... my boobicles keep me afloat [seriously, they do]

i'm ready, jude!




my word verif. is BANATIO....! lmfao

is that when you have a fetish of eating bananas in a sexually provocative fashion?

bwahahahahahahaha fuck me hard, i think it is!

greg said...

Next time I roll a lime I am going to do it "sensually." I love that.

2momswithaplan said...

Sensually roll the lime? I've never done that before. I'm not that kinky... but I'll try it. ;)

dolphyngyrl said...

Dammit, and I just bought a big jug of margarita mix (strangely not for margaritas)!

Personally I'm always impressed when I have all the ingredients of a drink recipe. Margaritas are definitely on tap tonight!

Dragon said...

I love margaritas! Strawberry is my fav!

C said...

hey jude, i gave ya a mention on me blog... hope your day was fun.


canihelpyousir.com said...

Awesome recipes! I didn't drink ANYTHING on Cinco de Mayo, but I like the margs AND the Negra Modelo. Delish.