Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Butch Days

Sigh....been very busy. You see, Mrs Jude is out of town and I'm having to take care of everything on the home front.

Phone conversation the other night:

Mrs Jude: I'm sitting at the boardwalk with ES (baby grand daughter). I wanted to call to tell you I'm about ready to have a waffle ice cream.

Me: Lucky you!

Mrs Jude: Begins talking now, as in non stop talking. Telling me who was at and what happened at the family reunion, the hotel they're staying at for the night, the T-bird that was traded in for a Caddi. She went from one thing, to the next, to the next and finally she paused and said....

Am I making sense?

Me: Well, with the exception of starting four things and not finishing up on any of them.

Mrs Jude: I do that don't I. Well, let me finish this one then......and I continued to listen and smile.

I couldn't even tell you what she told me because she didn't tell me the end of anything. I could tell she was happy though, sitting on the boardwalk with our baby grand daughter.

And me? I went back to being busy and missing my Honey like crazy.

All Good Things.....right?


lyon de clarasvals said...

Hang in there Jude, hope she's back soon.

notjustafemme said...

you forgot to mention the 10-day agenda!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I think Mrs. Jude and I could have some great round-about conversation a follow each other very well.

So what are you planning to do to keep yourself out of trouble?

C said...

awwww thats so sweet hon... you guys are just cute! she'll be back before ya know it.. hang in there and just think about the great S.O.D. there'll be whenst she returns!!! ;)

kym said...

What shore is she at?

It has been very hot here in NJ! Nice to see she is having a good time...

Jude said...

Lyon, today the count down is 8 days. K, she still trys to tell me the rest of the week schedule but then stops. She is remembering.
Mel, I bet you and the Mrs would get along just fine. A and I would drink beers and smoke cigs behind the house.
C, we're both going to be demanding it...can't wait!
Kym, the big Italian party was at Pt Pleasant. She had a great time with the party as well as walking on the boardwalk. Nothing like the smell of a hot boardwalk to bring back all good memories.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

How about cigars instead? My sweetie said she's out of cubans but knows a little cigar shop in Key West that is a close second. Did I mention she brews her own beer too? After a few of those, the wife will make sense. :)

greg said...

Here's to hoping these next few days go by quickly for you and full of family, friends and love for the Mrs.

Let's hope she brings home pictures so you can figure out how the time was really spent. :)

makingspacethejourneyout said...

I keep reading your posts where you talk to your wife about your early days and years together and I'm laughing and crying and thanking you for the hope that this can be real.

Jude said...

Mel...I love a good stogie every now and then. I always found them very effective in keeping the bugs away too...not that we have any bugs in SoCal. :)

Greg...seen the pictures has our grand daughter in Mrs Jude's arms. In one of them I thought she was breast feeding the baby! Yes, I was jealous.

And can't get any more real than this and I haven't even broken the surface. Thanks for stopping by.

canihelpyousir said...

As long as you're missing your girl/honey like crazy, I can't help but think that's all but good things. Right?

Here's to hoping the rest of the time flies by, bro!