Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lift My 50 Yaz Plus

From the stupid emails, just this week I was offered:

Get that natural perky look without surgery and stop spending $100.00 on speciality bras and lifts. WTF?
Let me tell you something. First of all I've never spent 100 bucks on something that holds up by boobs. Secondly, they are still up, on their own thank you. The nips might be looking at my feet but the boobs are still where they belong and well contained inside my gini t's or wife beater's (crappy names for my fav underwear). Anyhoo, no I don't need 20 lifts for 10 bucks.

Then 20 minutes later I was asked if I've ever taken YazYas stuff and have suffered any side effects like heart attacks. Well, I've never had a reason to be on birth control so delete!

The next day I got an very exciting email telling me all about the latest and greatest in the technology of forklifts, reach trucks and order pickers. Dude! This is my personal email address NOT my work and anyway, I don't do the warehouse stuff anymore. Been there, done that, delete!

And now today, 50PLUS Singles wants me to meet my someone special for free and get live video, audio, text chat and communicate anonymously. Why the hell I would want to go into some membership with a bunch of single over 50 anonymous people is beyond me. If they can't tell me who the fuck they are, I don't want to know them. And, fuck you for thinking that I'm over 50! Unsubscribe then delete!

What kind of email shit do you get?


B said...

Hmmm. I will have to check out my spam folder next time. I never really pay attention! Could be some good blogging stuff there! Great topic!

lyon de clarasvals said...

For $50 they should have sent lots of testimonial pictures. How do we know if the breasts really turn out perky? Ask for proof. Lots of it, and send it on to us please.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I don't know what you signed up for but the only spam I get is Victoria's Secret latest bra technology, offers for low cost flea-medications and Barnes and Noble coupons.

Hahaha! 50+ singles. :)

canihelpyousir said...

TONS of prescription meds, plus a lot that will improve my sex life - hello, Viagra! I don't have the heart to to respond to tell them I don't need it.

C said...

i am always getting porno shit. girls wanting to make my dick bigger and guys wanting a good time. also, selling viagra but its spelled wrong so i know its crap. lonely singles looking for love... and announcements that i have won millions from some african rich guy who only needs my signature to verify.. yeah, right. i never even open that crap. i get SO much spam, jude that i could make 1000 6 ft. long spam sandwiches wiff it. no lie.


ohmygod!!! my word verif. is "perpe"

lmfao... imagine that....

makingspacethejourneyout said...

Excellent timing on this question. I don't get much, but I'm working on actively reducing the amount of email I get in my Inbox. I'm reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss and I'm finding all kinds of ways to help email be my assistant rather than my boss.

CJ said...

I got REAL mail the other day! It was my AARP card. I'm 33.