Monday, July 5, 2010

Missing Mrs Jude

flowers for my Wife

She's been away for 12 days with 2 to go. I think I will, and everyone else too, should survive the next 48 hours. Unless of course I can add one more minor mishap to the list.

I still can't find my netfix DVD rental. It disappeared on the day that Mrs Jude left. I had movies all lined up in my queue (the kind Mrs Jude wouldn't care to watch) but for the life of me, I can't find the one that's hiding in this house right now. Mrs Jude will find it, when she gets home.

The dogs seem to be doing ok with the exception of the "buzzed not" episode. I'm not faithfully walking Ziggy every morning but I did add on some extra doggie day care days for him. Harley will cry and Ziggy will try to wag his little stub of a tail when they see Mrs Jude.

My Dad hasn't done Jack. Being that he's 90, normally Jack is ok. After day three though I FINALLY convinced him that the dishwasher is just like the one he had in Connecticut that he use to load for my Mom and that he COULD put his dirty dishes in this one. This activity will probably stop when Mrs Jude comes home.

Tuna hole peed on Harley's bed and YES the cat litter box was clean. Little fucker. Harley doesn't do anything to the cat. He should have peed on the one that torments the crap out of him, Ziggy. I tossed the bed outside thinking it would end up in the garbage but Mrs Jude said she will try to clean it, when she gets home.

Phone conversation from the other night....

Me: Hey, I found a place on line where you can buy 100 condoms for 20 some dollars!

Mrs Jude: Boy, you must really be missing me.

Missing my Wife is an understatement. I'm missing EVERYTHING about her.
Her touch.
The way she makes me laugh.
Her company.
The way she warms up the room and my heart.
Listening and watching her tell me her stories.
Seeing her eyes light up and hearing her laugh at something that I say.
Did I say her touch?....oh baby!

Absence does make the heart grow fonder but for fuck sakes, it hurts.


lyon de clarasvals said...

Jude, I've been thinking of you on your ownsome. Glad it will be over soon. I love your Mrs. Jude stories. Your dad is 90 and puts his own dishes away? I wonder when my mom will outgrow this second childhood bit.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Happy to hear you're surviving. I admit I would have went nuts by now. I'm sure you will manage to have a mind-blowing reunion.

As far as Tuna Hole-if it's unusual behavior it might be a urinary tract infection. Just what you need while the Mrs is away, collecting a urine sample and a trip to the vet.

C said...

awwww...if we lived closer we would come by and cook ya summit, teach you how to play pinochle and enjoy a beer together... she'll be home soon and then all will be well again...

condoms at that price? whatta deal... you could give them away at halloween instead of candy... its healthier....


vixen kitten said...

Damn. You are going to make me cry here.

Seriously, you two give me hope for lasting love.

Now don't get all crazy on me and let that go to your head!


PS....some new Honey pics in my blog, because I was having computer issues and now for some stupid reason I can't access hers.

notjustafemme said...

maybe if your dad stocks up on dishwasher soap he'll remember he can load it? ;)
i'm sure your reunion is going to be amazing. maybe she ordered those 100 condoms..? ;)

you nailed it - that absence does hurt.

canihelpyousir said...

Two (well, less than that now) to go! You can do it. Two weeks is a long damned time, my friend. Kudos on making it through. And you're right ... those femmes have a way of finding and knowing things that we don't, know matter how much we look. I'm glad you have your Mrs. J to help you out.

greg said...

I feel for you today but will smile for you tomorrow when she finally comes home to you. Almost there!!!

bellygirls said...

Aw! So sweet.

I would have a hard time being away from Holly that long too!

One more day to go.

Jude said...

The blogging comments are acting weird. There were 4 that were but now not showing....2 that never showed (but I got the email notification) and then the comments added after the 2 no shows are showing up just fine. weird...anyway thanks for stopping by and commenting everyone...whether you're there or not.

Nulaanne said...

I know what it is like that missing the touch, the just having her there. Your days a short, I will not get to see my love again until some time in November, and it was May I saw her last.

thissideofchanged said...

This made my closeted romantic streak peek out and say "Aww!"

I love couples who have been together, and stuck it out, and managed to fall back in love over and over again. It bolsters my faith in working hard, loving hard, and lasting it out.

Thanks for sharing with us.

padi said...

gee whiz, why is there not a posting from you today? hmm...i wonder *grin*. hope you and the mrs are having a sweet time getting reaquainted! ah, romance!