Monday, August 16, 2010

2 days till 8

Everything has been filed again. Our side had until last Friday to prepare their opposition to the stay being permanent, the other side had until today, Monday (more time), ?? who knows, maybe they don't know how to use spell check.

Anyway, our side AGAIN provided substantial, firm evidence that the stay should NOT be extended. One statement was because it's causing MORE HARM to the gays and lesbians for them not being allowed to marry and NO HARM to the Pro-8ters if marriage for gays and lesbians continued (again) in California.

Their side filed and though I haven't found the link to the actual paper I've seen on several sites now to know that the reason why they WANT the STAY to be permanent is because allowing gays to marry would definitely have a negative impact on procreation. In the exact words "backers argued that gay marriages would harm the state’s interest in promoting responsible procreation through heterosexual marriage." (source 365 Gay)


PEOPLE..(meaning pro-8ters).....NOTHING is going to change the way you already procreate! If Marriage Equality is going to make you limp or not release your eggs, then you might have some other issues going on or not, in your bedroom.

May I suggest help?

Here's a company that you would be at home with especially since the name is right up your religious ally. Pay particular attention to the lubes. Why look at this, they even have an A&E anal lube. Now I have find quite a bit of irony around that product.

I also find it astonishing to think that 18,000 marriages have already caused a procreation lapse in California. I didn't know Mrs Jude and I had such power.

It seems the other side is really grasping at straws. Let's hope the Ninth Court has clear eyes and minds when they make their decision this week.

Let the marriages resume! And that's what I say.


Em said...

Great pic.

And amen. (ahem)

Jude said...

fuck it

9th court granted the stay.

proponents' brief due 9/17; plaintiffs' brief due 10/18; reply brief due 11/1; oral arg. week of 12/6

FI, FI, FI!!!

crystal said...

Could this all please be over!!! It is beyond comprehension to me how anyone could want to put so much time, energy, and hatred on something that has no bearing on their owl life whatsoever!! Just leave us alone!!! (grr...)

vixen kitten said...


I can't believe this is even being argued about.

It's beyond stupid.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Grrrr! What else can I say that hasn't already been said. It's all bullshit...that much is for sure.

greg said...

sigh. It's a never-ending roller coaster.

Great post.

Dragon said...

Wow bullshit arguments and the courts are allowing. Shows how our legal system works. Everyone is going broke, the states can't afford shit and they are putting money into fighting this when there shouldn't even be a vote, it should just be. Such waste!

LilliGirl said...

Courts are never a good place to be, Under any circumstances. I can't help but believe that...Still love the pics you're putting up with it though.

bellygirls said...

HAHAHAHAHAHH!!!! This is fucking hilarious and ignorant all at once! Wow! You're right, they are grasping at straws!!!

I just want to point out that Holly and I are trying to procreate along with millions of other lesbians! Does that mean we can marry????

C said...

amen, sistah....

the religeous right and the court justices are all FUCKTARDS in my lil ole opinion!

they may seem to have the power over legalization, but i will STILL continue to live in my little corner of the world in peace and love and they can't do anything about it.

i do believe it will eventually pass for us, its just wrong at how long it is taking... and how much bullshit there is..

kym said...

Love the picture.

Could this be over, now? Please. Thank you.

Mrs. Loudshoes said..., does that mean that common-law marriages should be outlawed as well? If the point is to promote the procreation of children inside heterosexual marriage, then shacking up should be discouraged and discriminated against as well, right?? And divorce should be outlawed, too, right?

Can't believe this is even an issue. Same-sex marriage has been legal here in Canada for years. As far as I can tell, life goes on for the rest of us just the same.