Friday, August 20, 2010

Did We Have Summer?

Here we are approaching another summer weekend. 
I'll repeat what I've been hearing over and over, is summer almost over? 


Wasn't it yesterday that I planted my garden and
 yet today I'm thinking about what to plant for the winter?
Days are noticeably getting shorter.
I've even spotted some fallen leaves on my deck.
Get back up where you belong in that tree!

 Where has the summer gone?

Why is time flying by so fast?

I need answers to this question please!
>>>...(your answer here)...<<<

ANYWAY....have a great weekend everyone.


I hope you enjoy the days
either with
your cowboy 

or your surfer girl.

    Cheers Queers!


    greg said...

    I felt like that last year, when it was all rainy and cold all summer long. This year has been SO hot and I feel like yeah, I'm ok with fall. Usually by this point I'm already in mourning.

    Cowboys make me happy instantly. :)

    thissideofchanged said...

    I can comment! Yay! ;)

    I have to say again (although you've already heard it 9 times at least) that I LOVE the top photo.

    I can't believe it's almost the end of summer either - it seems to go by faster and faster every year. The silver lining, for me, is that I love that bittersweet transition into fall. It seems to go so slowly until that last day or two. Then, all of a sudden, the air is crisp and clean and the sky is so sharp a blue it seems like it should cut you...

    Fall is my favorite season. I love the harvest, and the battening down against winter.

    Thank you for sharing with us - your photography really is a gift!


    notjustafemme said...

    Summer never really made it to Portland. I'm beginning to be at peace with this but only because I L-O-V-E fall so much and anxiously await her arrival every year. Sweaters, argyle socks, hot coffee, Halloween, leaves changing and falling... So much to love!
    I also love that surfer girl picture. What a great day that was :)
    Happy weekend to you and R!

    B said...

    The girls and I are going to celebrate the end of summer by spending the day in hot and steamy Galveston. Please pray I don't die of heatstroke! Taking lots of water and fruit to hydrate with. I bet we don't make it five hours.

    C said...

    ya know? i agree with you. the heat is changing ever too fastly, and i am not ready for it to be over yet. mother nature, you're a twat.

    Em said...

    I'll be living in the desert this winter. Summer here means 115 degrees. =:o

    But I still wish I was moving to Massachusetts and heading toward fall colors and freshly pressed apple cider.

    canihelpyousir said...

    Summer took a relatively long time to get here (it was still snowing in June!) but holy cow - she's arrived. It's been HOT, and I do much better in the cooler temps. I can't wait for fall and football (and let's hope Faith Hill does the Sunday night anthem again, eh bro?).

    Dragon said...

    I know what you mean. This summer has been AMAZING as far as weather goes. Mostly upper 80s and in the 90s. Very uncommon for this area. But I already see the temps dipping back into the 70s this week :-( Summer is really coming to a close. S starts school Wednesday. So sad and goes so fast!

    kym said...

    I notice time goes faster now that I am older and that our kids are teens.

    My bday is the 31st of August and that always symbolizes end of summer/back to school time for me...I'm looking forward to the cool NJ days/nights I have to tell ya!

    makingspacethejourneyout said...

    Summer came and went here - school has already started. I live in a place that doesn't change seasons, so we mark them by school. LOL It did seem to me that it went very quickly though. said...

    Amazing pictures!!! Congratulations!!!

    Frank, Barcelona

    LilliGirl said...

    I was whining and moaning about thi today...and no one else understood. :(