Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deja Pfhoo

Doing the crossword and scratching the dog.
Growing up music was always an important part of our family. At a very young age, I remember the piano in the dining room but yet when it was time for me to have lessons that piano changed into hammond organ. Then in 4th grade it was time to try out a smaller instrument that I could carry to school. My Dad wouldn't allow me to learn the banjo or guitar since the strings would callus my fingers. (sigh) My Mother didn't want anything that would end up giving me permanent chipmunk cheeks. I ended up with a flute. You can imagine just how excited I was at that parental decision. I had to figure out a way to get out of the flute mess so I kept complaining about how blowing into it was making me dizzy all the time. Lame right? Yes, but it worked along with the D on my report card. It was a quick end to my flute days, or so I thought.

Two weeks ago my Dad walked in the house returning from his weekly out of house adventures. He had a little black case in his hand and a big smile on his face. Curious, I asked him what he had in the case while I followed him into his room. He placed the case on his bed then sat down in his chair, still smiling. My Dad has always been a man of few words.

I opened the case and immediately experienced the instant sweaty palm syndrome. There in that red velvet lined case was a properly dismantled flute!

Me: What's this for?
Dad: I'm going to learn how to play it.
Me: You know I remember getting dizzy from playing this thing!
Dad: smiled at me

Two days later the house was getting all quiet, the TV and lights were turned off, Mrs Jude had already gone to bed and I was heading to our room. I passed by Dad's room, he was down to having only one light on which made me think he was going to turn in soon too. I got all settled into bed did my last stretch of the day and closed my eyes. All is nice and quite until I hear "pfhooooo, ppppfffhoooooo" which made me open my eyes wide and think, what the fuck!

pfffhoooooooo, pffhoooooooo, pfhoooo

It's my Dad, in his room at something after 10PM, playing the fucking flute.

He kills me sometimes, with a smile.


Jen said...

This made me LOL. Ha! I love it. I love your relationship with your dad. Priceless. xo.

C said...

awww he is so cute that dad of yours... your wonderful stories about him makes me feel affectionate towards him. i am glad he lives with you jude, it's really a gift.

notjustafemme said...

Oh my god, I can't fucking get enough of him. I LOVE this.
I love your excuse as to why you couldn't play the flute. I love it even more that they fell for it.
I played the flute, too. For six years :)

kym said...

He can multitask...pet the dog and do a puzzle...I enjoy your posts about your dad, they are really nice.

Is he from NJ originally?

Mel's Way or No Way said...

So where in the hell did he pick up that flute?

Thank you so much for the belly laugh. I laughed so hard when I read it myself and even harder when I read it aloud to my sweetie. What a character!

Camlin said...

This made me laugh out loud I think it was your dad who wanted to play the flute all along...

LilliGirl said...

Got an award over at my place you for. :)

makingspacethejourneyout said...

That's hysterical!!! Go dad!

greg said...

I love these stories so much. :)

sbarec said...

Truth be told, playing the flute can make you dizzy at times, not an all together bad excuse to stop. I think the poor mark helped more than your dizzy spells. I do however have to say that I think its entirely adorable that your father has decided to take it up, for the completely adorable idea of an old man and a flute and ironic connection to something you once did.