Monday, September 20, 2010

She Can Sing If She Wants To

I signed up for guitar lessons at the community center and I finagled Cousin S to join me too. In six weeks the two of us will be looking for the rest of the people to join our rock band. Well, maybe in six months or six years. Whatever. For now though, I've added another hobby to my list because so far, I am really enjoying the whole learning how to play thing.

The guitar pictured is the one I'm renting for the duration of the class. I'm already researching it's replacement. Acoustic? Electric Acoustic? Stick to the nylon or go to steel strings? There is a lot to decide and try out which only adds to the fun. I'm in no hurry to buy, at some point I'll start checking to see what's available from our the local pawn shops.

The other night I was practicing the three chords the teacher gave us for homework. No matter how I played them, Mrs Jude only heard one song in her head, Me and Bobby McGee and she was singing along. I doubt anyone else outside the house would have been able to place the singing and strumming together as the same song but she was having a good time with it and I was too. She loves whatever sound I get out of the guitar for now. I guess that makes her my first fan. I know what song I'll have to learn how to play first too, that is, learn how to play it better.


vixen kitten said...

I'm in!

*waves hand wildly*


I've always wanted to be in a band.


PS....I'm thinking we need one of your special videos of this unique bonding thang you have happening. Maybe give Dad the bongos or something.

Just an idea.... :)

C said...

oh how fun! i can see you now justa pluckin away... you'll be pickin and a grinnin! lalala

bellygirls said...

I suspect Mrs. Jude has always been a fan of yours... I'm just sayin. ;)

I'll be looking forward to the video of you playing a complete song in about 6 weeks... :)

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Is this in response to your dad bringing home the flute?

So you already have a singer and flute/bongo player. I'll be waiting for your You-Tube video debut. I have this mental picture of you all rockin' out to Me and Bobby McGee. Does Mrs. Jude take requests?

makingspacethejourneyout said...


In case you're auditioning, I can doo-wop harmonies without flinching and I shake a mean tambourine.

lyon de clarasvals said...

Like Sunny and Cher, only better. When's the youtube?

Mrs. Loudshoes said...

Good for you! Talent is over rated...enthusiasm is way more important.

vixen kitten said...

Doh, Mel...I forgot about the flute! Sheesh. Blonde moment.

Ya know...that frees up the bongos for ME!!

*happy dance*

notjustafemme said...

How fun! I want to learn the guitar someday. Or be serenaded by someone on the regular. Whichever.

You two are so cute :)