Monday, October 25, 2010

She Claims She Wasn't Trying to Kill Me....

....nor make me bald.

In the past few weeks it seemed like everyone I knew was talking about changing their hair style. A few people got hair cuts, trims and whole hair transformations. Even Mrs Jude went into the salon and came home a different person. So I decided I wanted a change too.

Last Sunday I handed Mrs Jude a box of hair color that I had picked up a couple of months ago. I've been bugging her to do this and she's been convincing me that she loves the way I look with my gray. When I handed her the carton this time she just looked at me and she knew I was serious. I wanted to change my hair color.

She read the directions and I got the chair to sit on. She started to apply the first bottle of shit. I started to feel a burning sensation. She applied the second bottle of shit and rubbed it into my scalp. The burning continued more so than the other times I've had this wonderful process done. Once the two bottles were applied, she told me how long the shit had to stay on. I can't remember if it was 15 or 20 minutes, it didn't matter because it wasn't even one minute when Mrs Jude started to scream at me...."GET IT OFF".

I always get a little excited when she says that to me but this time there was a very different tone in her voice.


For fucks sakes, no wonder my head felt like it was on fire.

No hair color change occurred and no bald areas have appeared. Hair transformation? I think I'll pass, thank you very much. It's funny how she ended up getting her way.


poet said...

being very allergic to the chemicals in hair products, i am going to have to just age gracefully. i hope nothing happens in the future with your hair....and i am sure she wasn't really trying to kill you. lol


vixen kitten said...

Well, damn! What the hell DID she do?

There should have been only one bottle of shit, because you combine the two bottles into the one and mix them. Then apply.

Eeeesh. Didja make her read the directions first?


PS Honey won a spot in the photo contest. She was selected to be the photo for June! My pup is going to be a calendar girl. *huge smile*

Jude said...

Vixen, the product I picked up was different. She read the directions twice because it said to mix on my head. Two bottles and one conditioning tube. Oh well.

Yay on Honey's big win. You have yourself a beautiful calendar pup!

greg said...

This is just too funny - thank goodness she realized it as soon as she did. Thanks for the Monday giggle!

C said...

holy shitskies!!! what the hell did she do? at least you got it off without damage... then you may have had to shave your head bald!!!!

but you would still be beautiful.

bellygirls said...

LOL This is kinda funny... even though it didn't seem that way at the time.

I hate the burning which is why we have switched to the amonia free product called naturatint. Just google it and you will be able to find a local place that sells it. It is really awesome. No burning, no itching, and my hair looked so good afterwards. Also the color stays longer and completely covers grey hair.

I'm so happy to hear it wasn't as bad as it could have been!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I'll remember you when I consider dying my hair (not that I'm turning gray yet). I'm such a chicken about those things. :)

Just be thankful Mrs. Jude realized it soon enough so you could get it washed out. You could be wearing a hair piece or hat as we speak.

southernfemme said...

Please forgive me, Jude, but I'm still giggling. And from the few pics I've seen of your gray, I'm with Mrs. Jude. It's really pretty!

vixen kitten said...

Good gosh, I have no idea what kind of color you were using! I've been known to play a bit with color....erm since I was about 13ish or so!

One Easter I arrived at my Grandma's for dinner and my Mama loudly announced to the entire family that I was suppose to color the eggs pink not my hair! *silent fume*

Anyway...we are uber excited on the calendar. I am suppose to receive 20 copies, so I would be happy to send one out to you and Mrs. Jude!

LilliGirl said...

Too funny! Come on...Must have been a plot!

I just got my hairs did too. Must be going around.

And congrats Vixen!

notjustafemme said...

The whole time I was reading this, I could hear R shrieking in my head.

I'm glad you're still gray - I absolutely love it. Especially on you.

CJ said...

Ouch! I hate the whole hair coloring process. And besides, I think gray is kind of sexy. Of course, I faithfully color my hair every 10 weeks - but that doesn't mean I doing it!