Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes We Can-na-WHAT?

It's got to be the best political button I've seen so far.....and it happens to be about a proposition that's on the California ballets this time around. Imagine that!

Last voting time we had to decide on the treatment of caged chickens and if the gays could get married. The chickens won, we lost.

Now this November we're voting on the legalization of weed, pot, cannabis, marijuana, whackatabacky, herb or any of the 100+ names there are for this shit.

I can't wait to see the results on this one.

I'm hoping 19 gets passed for one reason. When the elections come around in 2012 and IF a proposition needs to be added again for marriage equality, then maybe every right wing, hard ass, bigoted religious zealot will get high before voting and we would finally fucking win our equality! I mean because really, it's only a herb.


Emily Edge said...

I really hope this passes. Prohibition only puts money into the hands of criminals, and makes felons out of the rest of us.

Your absolutely right. The right wingers could use some brownies at their tea parties.

Jude said...

Emily! brownies...tea parties BaHaahahahaha funny!

C said...

i LOVE this!!! i hope it passes too. alcohol is more dangerous that weed ever was. and i had to lmao when you said maybe the opposers would get high before they voted. i think that is exctly what the tight assed judgementalists need... LOOSEN UP... and release that perverbial hair that is stuck up yo' asses.


lmao@ emily! you go girl...