Sunday, November 14, 2010

Digging It

I love living in Southern California. Of all the places I've lived, this is definitely my favorite place. Yeah, it's expensive but with a proper budget in place living here is very doable. One thing that you can't beat here in the San Diego area is the weather.

We don't have the announcements of the seasons like other areas of the country. Summer is hot but it's dry. Spring and Fall are relatively the same thing with some cooler temps. Winter is usually our rainy season but that hasn't really been happening in the past few years. The fire season and the occasional free foot massages are the only two negatives for me about living here.

This weekend I've dug out my slacks and jeans to wear since it's gotten cooler. We're at a time where I might start out in jeans, switch to shorts mid day then end up with warm sweats for night. Layering the top is always a good thing.

What I totally love is our year round growing season. This means I get to plant a winter garden. That's what I did this weekend too, I planted the winter crop of cabbage, lettuce, beets, cucumbers and spinach. Beets are new to me so I can't wait to see how they grow. Sun location is a bit of an issue since the one side of my little square foot garden lacks the heat for most of the day so I am ending up with a smaller garden.

I might be using some pots along the back fence as the placement of the herb garden and building a greenhouse type covering for them. You can't beat fresh parsley when Mrs Jude decides to make some of her gravy (sauce) for spaghetti. So this week I'll be thinking about constructing a small, portable greenhouse so we can have freshly picked parsley from the garden in January. I like that plan. And I love this home.


Mel's Way or No Way said...

Pfft! Yeah just rub it in!!!

Okay, so I'm feeling a little bitter after our weekend snowfall.

Southern Cali does have glorious weather. I envy your winter garden but fresh herbs all winter long does sound great. Have fun digging in the dirt.

C said...

hey jude... you will love the beets and FYI when they start to sprout their green/red leaves, the beet greens are a deliciously delectable addition
to salads.. or plain by themselves. we prefer them more than lettuce.. but they arent available all year here.

lucky you for winter gardenss..

Mrs. Loudshoes said...

So jealous!! I'm waking up to frosty mornings these days and socks and mitts are now a part of the daily wardrobe.
Year-round gardening? That must be wonderful!

notjustafemme said...

Aw, your little garden looks lovely, Jude! I hope it all grows fabulously.

bellygirls said...

Florida is kinda like that. We don't ever have snow but I will say that in the winter, it does get cold... if 50 degrees is cold to you... ;)

I like your garden... if I had a green thumb I may grow one just like that. I should take a picture of the one we tried to grow just so you know how "non-martha stewart" I really am.

alphafemme said...

occasional free foot massages are a downside?? or... are you talking about... earthquakes? :)

CJ said...

I wasn't sure about the foot massages until I read the comment from alphafemme. It sounds like an awesome place to live. I'm getting a tad tired of New England winters....