Wednesday, March 16, 2011

That Was a Long One

I know, it's been a while. I've been busy and I still haven't told you what's keeping me so busy. Soon.

Anyway, Mrs Jude and I were at our newly found Italian restaurant the other night. I think I was on my second glass of wine when I began observing something.

Step back for a minute and let me preamble with my view on religion. I have religion but I'm not sure how it fits into the many religious flavors one can choose. I respect everyone's religious views or none as long as their views do not impact my own life. So when I see some one at a restaurant take time out of their conversation and bow their heads over their just delivered meals to do their thankful thing, I respect the action. It doesn't bother me nor does it make me uncomfortable. In fact I usually enjoy watching the private(?) act. I look to see who's doing the talking, see if anyone is peeking through their eyelids, see if they're holding hands or if anyone becomes fidgety etc. So back to the other night....

The table of three across the room from us was made up of two women and a man. They all came into the restaurant at a different time with the man arriving last. He could have dropped off the second lady while he went to park the car. Their talk was about catching up on things until their appetizer arrived at which time their heads bowed down. No big deal, right?

Well, let me tell you after about 20 seconds went by I told Mrs Jude that the people at the table behind her were praying for a long time. Mrs Jude just looked at me.

15 more seconds  Me: "They're still at it"
                  Mrs Jude: "You're kidding"
15 more seconds  Me: "Wow, they're still going, it's a good thing they got the cold antipasto"
                  Mrs Jude: "How's the antipasto look?"
15 more seconds  Me: "They must be praying about Japan now and I think the one lady has fallen asleep."
                  Mrs Jude: "They're still praying?"
15 more seconds  Me: "Holy shit, we must be in big trouble"  
15 more seconds  Me: "They're done! Wow, that was the longest restaurant prayer I ever saw"
                  Mrs Jude: "You're funny"

Really, it was pretty dang long, almost as long as a church prayer. I hope it works. 


Mel's Way or No Way said...

So you would be the one I would make eye contact with when I'm peeking around at everyone else during the prayer. ;)

Good to hear from you Jude. Hugs to you and the Mrs.

Jude said...

..and I would give those blue eyes of yours a wink too. :D

notjustafemme said...

BIG trouble is right. We all know you're nothing but trouble, mister.

Miss your face!

MakingSpace said...

Ha - amen!

~~kym~~ said...

nice to see you back! :)

southernfemme said...

You're back!!!