Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a Night!

We went to the Gaga concert last night. OMFCKNGosh!

What a time we had.

There was an article in the morning paper how there was going to be a big traffic jam in San Diego around the normal afternoon rush hour. Between the Gaga concert and some major Mexican soccer event that was expecting 60 thousand fans, traffic was going to be at a stand still. We left a hour early and breezed right through to Gaga passing only one vehicle with a "viva la soccer!" sign. I turned to Mrs Jude and said "how come we didn't write Monster Car on ours?"

So two 50 something Lesbians (us) mingled with a shit load of age ranges. So many girls, ladies and mens were dressed up like Gaga. It was funny watching the very young ones attempting (more like failing) their walk in their overly high and spiked shoes. Saw a lot, A LOT of exposed ass cheeks which for the most part, made me smile. Finally the gates opened and I headed right over to the hot dog and beer stand. Priorities.

The opening act was Scissor Sisters who after their 4th song told the audience if they heard of the group then they're either gay or English. I have their Night Work album/cd/wtf so I turned to Mrs Jude and told her that I fell into the being gay category to which she replied she was glad to hear that.

Lady Gaga was outstanding. The choreography, dancers, musicians the whole concert was well worth the money, time and next day concert hung over feeling we both felt. Earlier this morning while I was still in bed, I noticed my mind sounds turned from the constant machine pounding to a salvation army bell ringing, I knew right then I had survived another concert.


* said...

sounds like you both had a blast!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

And all this time I thought you were English. Jeesh, now I'm really disappointed!

Sounds like an awesome time. I would have been in heaven with all that people watching.

MakingSpace said...

Sweet!!! A friend of mine just took his boyfriend to the concert in Phoenix, and I can't wait to meet up with him and hear all about it - sounds like an awesome time!!!

Linda said...

I know you and the Mrs. fit right in with the crowd. Did you get some good pics.

Jude said...

Just a few pics Linda...posted a video on my FB.

Jess said...

sounds like an amazing time! :)

tommy said...

I'm going to lose cool points here because I can't stand lady gaga at the moment, but nonetheless I'm glad to hear that you are both gay and had a blast, lol.