Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blow and Swing

Over the weekend I noticed a brightly colored whistle on the hutch and I asked Mrs Jude if she wore it when walking Ziggy in the early morning hours. She said "no". End of story? well, almost.

Monday very early in the morning, like we're still snoozing in bed, well I was anyway until she placed her hand on my shoulder. Waking up right away I thought it was going to be a morning delight start but no, she was just trying to stop me from making snoring noises so she could hear clearly.

Coyotes. A fairly good size pack were yelping in the next neighborhood behind us. It's not unusual to hear them around here. We are in coyote land.

About a hour later Mrs Jude marched into the bedroom to announce she and Ziggy had the stick AND whistle with them on their walk.

I told her "that's good" and now I won't worry when they go walking in the break of dawn with her coyote stick and whistle! Or should I?  

and there's no way am I going to tell Mrs Jude that the whistle touched Ziggy's little richard either!


C said...

LMFAO! bwahahahahaha


u so funny!

MakingSpace said...


greg said...

Thank you for my morning giggle!!

poet said...

thanks for coming over and wishing us well :) i have added your page to my blogroll. have a great day. poet.

Shane Rocket said...

little richard? dork.

Sathya said...

Thank u for your wonderful sharing. Keep sharing.